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Get a great your own pace!

Our adult students come in many shapes and sizes. For the adults that have not done anything physical since having children (or since high school gym class), you can work at your own pace. You will be amazed at how quickly you will become stronger, more flexible, and build your endurance. However, you can work as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable. For the adults that are already in great shape, having a goal like earning a Black Belt may motivate you! You get out what you put in! We are privileged to work with all adults at all levels of fitness.

Stress Relief!

Many of our adults tell us that their favorite part of our program is the stress relief...especially after a long day at work or running around with a busy family schedule. We find that the best kind of stress relief happens when you are getting exercise and you have to keep your mind completely focused on what is going on in the moment. Martial arts class takes incredible mental focus! When you are completely focused on what is going on in the moment, it is hard to think about work, things that need to get done at home, etc. Stress relief is an important aspect of good health.

Family Classes!

Most of the adults at Martial Arts America are parents of the children in our program. Most adults that we have enrolled are parents in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. If you have children in 1st grade or older, you can even take class together. Don't worry...we have the children work with the children, and the adults work with the adults. It is really fun to learn martial arts together as a family!

Positive, Encouraging Atmosphere!

We are a Black Belt School! What that means is that our goal is to help each one of our students achieve their own Black Belt. We have found that a positive, encouraging atmosphere is a key component to reaching that goal. We have heard many adults tell us that after a long day of work and responsibilities at home that it is very refreshing to be somewhere so positive and encouraging! Our team of instructors are dedicated to help you reach your goal of Black Belt!

Learn Self-Defense...safely!

The beginners class is non-contact and very safe. Nearly all of our adults start without any kind of martial arts experience (besides watching the Kung Fu Panda with their children!), so we teach class in a step by step way that is very easy to follow. You will learn real self-defense techniques that are practical and easy to remember. We want to empower our students with a new level of confidence that they could defend themselves if they were ever required to do so.

2 Week Trial Membership
The best way to try out the Martial Arts America's Adults program is with our 2 Week Trial Membership. To get started, please call the nearest location, or click the "2 Week Trial" button below to fill out the Registration Form.

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